Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sabi Done Accused Me of Hiding Chocolate But That Ain't So!

This is ma friend Sabi and she is expectin a baby soon. This picture is taken at tha clinic when I wuz tryin to get her in touch with the doctor.

Poor Sabi has been havin problems with harmone balance and got the strange notion that I was hording chocolate when that just aint so.

Sabi tricked me, stripped me of ma clothes, and chained me by ma boobs and dragged me to the gathering spot naked as a jaybird sayin i am hording chocolate. I explained to Missy Ava that I dont horde chocolate I just eat any chocolate I see.

Now Sabi got mad and dragged me and strapped me to this strange machine and hooked ma boobs up and know what? that thing done milked me like I was some cow!

Well I figured it was because of a full moon or sum thin? But! It turns out that they say Missy Sabi is having a hormone imbalance from her pregnancy so thats why we went over to tha clinic. And oh I took this here picture when we was there.

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