Tuesday, January 26, 2010


**Knocks from inside your computer screen.

Hello? Emm, are you there? Well my name is moose cuz thats the only name i got. I rekon I got that name cuz im kinda big and kinda strong. I been here in this place called Glint? Well it is a magikal place in tha beer mooda tangle what has the strangest goings on you ken imagine!

I have a taxi service here at Glint. Not sure how I got into it but it all started when I met this feller they call Ghost who kinda hypnotized me. In fact its kinda strange cuz when I am a runnin my taxi sometimes I grow hoofs, a tail, and get a strange urge find a stall and roll in tha hay with a security officer by tha name of Sir Hammer.

People is always breaking the law here and if they have a day where no buddy breaks a law well they just make up a new law so they can have a law breaker kinda on demand. Now once they give this person their fair trial and find em guilty as charged they go to the punishment phase which involves some chaining up to a powl.

The punishment is where i come in cuz i have to do ma civil duty on em which involves a thorough frisking and cavity search. Now with some of tha prisoners this is quite a chore but with some it is somewhat enjoyable. **blushes.

If i was to sum it all up i would say that living in Glint is kinda like living in a tv show i remember from when i was back home. I think it was "Days of our Lives"? or some other soap opry.

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