Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Moose Finds Her Home In Glint

Now they say this here spooky house is haunted but that aint so. There is some strange sounds i admit but they is most likely wind or sum thin.
This here is ma bedroom and I kinda had to use the bedspread shortly after I arrived here in Glint to make me a dress to wear cuz ma clothes wuz taken away. Fortunately I found ma suitcase with ma duds in it so I dont need tha bedspread dress no more except maybe a special occasion.
Now as you ken see tha house is fine it just needs sum paint mending, and tender lovin care.
Later I will show you tha fancy spa here and tha gym with exercise equipment they got upstairs. Now there is one thing i do find a little peculiar? They got beds on tha wall! Now that aint just here they also got beds on tha wall over to tha beer dillo and ill show you those as i continue our little tour of Glint. Now why in tha world would they have a bed on tha wall? I mean who sleeps standin up except maybe a horse?

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  1. Woot! I'll be up for that...if i have free time. damn rl! :: goes rummaging for a tutu ::