Friday, January 29, 2010

A Special Possum Recipie

Now I figure y'all may wunder how i keep fit here at Glint? Well i got these chores what make me hungry and remember when I told you back yonder that you can find stuff ta eat if you look here in Glint? Well here is an example of the fine eatin I enjoy here. In this case all you need is a possum sum veggies, flour, and sum eggs.

Here is a picture of what a Possum looks like? Now you ken find one dead or alive fur this recepie. Sum prefer road kill to fightin tha possum. For example when I run over a critter I usually put it in tha buggy fur kookin later.

Ok here goes tha recepie:

How ta cook a possum pie:

Ok first you need ur possum. Oh i say a five pounder will do.

Cut her into serving pieces and prepare tha fixins ( water, salt, two chopped celery stiks, two karrots cut up, one onion chopped. )

Prepare tha pie crust with two cups flour, four eggs, and sum hot water.

Now place that possum in a pot add water to cover her up and dump tha fixins mentioned above in that pot.

Simmer till tha possum is tender, oh two hours would do her.

Strain tha broth out and pour into a kleen kettle.

Simmer a while.

Now discard tha bones and skin what come loose.

Ok, now, time ta make tha pie krust with tha flour, eggs and such.

Dump it all in tha pot and sturr it up.

Serves up to 8, or one servin for me. **blush

((this recipe is for entertainment purposes and should not be attempted at home. It is for avatar consumption only!))

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