Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Message From Moose

Moose has been sighted in neighboring countries wearing her crown and claiming to be the Queen of PRG in exile.

"I is tha Queen of tha Peoples Public of Lint and i is in exile what with all the strange goins on over yonder.  It is dangerous over there now with all tha hissy fits and fightin.  Yep!  Seems we is havin sum problem with tha alignment of mars and jupiter or sum thin what is throwing the whole place out of whack.

So i is pro claimin me as Queen so as ta save lint frum its own darn self!   yep!  These are all nice folks and it is a shame ta see them a quarellin over stuff what is going on yonder.  Now as Queen i gonna solve all them problems as soon as i figure out just how ta do that, emm oh!  Yeah a plan!  Yeah thats it im gonna get me a plan!  Just you wait and see.  Ole Queen Moose gonna get me a plan. YEP!"

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