Sunday, May 2, 2010


Today there was evidence that Moose is suffering from Pregnancy Insanity

It is a known fact that pregnancy can have this effect on women.  Moose has had a major mood swing and is now in belief she is the Queen of PRG.  She has also shown hostility in ther verbal response to one Sir Hammer and she kicked one of the Molesteri (Sir Sin)  in both knees and ran as he gently attempted to apprehend her.  This is not the moose we know.  Clearly she is having an insanity attack related to her pregnancy and perhaps because her master seems to have deserted her and run off  with another girl.

Other evidence that Moose is suffering from Pregnancy Insanity is she has destroyed her home!  The nice home she had is now completely gone!  It is possible she has taken the buggy with her as it has dissappeared as well.

Moose was last seen wearing a crown and red ball gown headed behind the laundromat when disappeared from view.  It is not known at this time if she was assisted by the witch Marie Leveau however that cannot be dismiised as they seem to be crossing paths often.

If you see moose please notify authroities  Do however be careful becuase our moose weighs in over 300 lbs if violent could cause damage.  Leave apprenhension to trained professionals!  Remember MOOSE is a description and a name!

More later as events develop.

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