Friday, June 18, 2010

Church Appears in Glint ITS A MIRICLE!

Emm I went yonder to my kafe and what did i find next door but this big ole church what they got.  I went inside to see what they is to see and report to ya.

This is me standing in front of the church what they got.  It has a big ole bell tower and a cross way up high.
Here is another shot what i took of the front of the place.
This here is a shot of the front of the church from tha other direction.  You can't see the bell from here but its still there and all.
Now here is a picture of the confessional what they got inside tha church.  I'm figuring they gonna be a long line waiting fur confession.  Hmm, now while they is waiting they ken be snackin on my road kill from the kafe next door!
Now this here is me at tha pulpit what they got?  Now I ain't preachin but i kinda pretended that they wuz a crowd in tha place and I wuz speachin to em.

Upstairs they got this balcony thing?  Well you ken stand out here and see all of lint!  Yep! Behind me you ken see tha ship in the harbor and sum trees.  You ken also see tha orange tent what Doc Tara and Sir Pry live in when they is here.
I reckon this here mattress is fur tha preacher after he had a long day of speachin and needed sum rest and such.
Ok now this is me lookin out tha window what they got in the bell tower.  You ken see my kafe next door.  I know this here is a shameless plug fur my Road Kill Kafe and Beer Dillo!!
As i sat there all alone in that church?  Ya know i didn't feel alone at all.  Reckon when you is in church you is never alone.

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