Monday, April 19, 2010

Moose Has A New Family

How dee!  Its me moose?  Well I just wanted ta tell ya that I got me one of them master fellers.  Yep!  his name is ....emm Master Tennis, i think,  Now I did say I weren't no slave but this here master feller?  well he kinda fills me with sum thing I reckon I aint been filled with before. Another thing?  Well he says ma hair looks better down and loose on tha moose so im a wearin it that way now.  No buddy never tole me that before.  He lets me wear shorts but only when he aint around.  He says I is sexy so he wants me ta show ma goods off to folks so reckon thats what im doin now.  Now when he calls me sexy?   Thats a description not a name.  We had one Glintonian what wuz named sexi?  Now fur her? that were a name and description.  Yep! 
Now I also know that i told ya I aint no cow on no four legs.  Well master insists on calling me his cow and he is tha master afer all so reckon I am his cow fur now.  He wants ta milk me fur all ta see what a cow I am so thats why he took me yonder to tha milkin machines yester dee.  He compared me to a cow too.  Yep they is this furry bovine girl what they call lynn, i think her name is?  Well he got me to stand by her and turn around fur folks a comparin us. Well he says I is twice her size so im two times the size of one cow at least.  I think he is proud of that fact cuz he sure enjoys milkin my boobs and making me moo fur him.
I got me a sister too!  Yep!  master done took another girl and that makes us sisters, at least thats what he tole me.  Her name is gosia.  Well here is sum pictures.  Oh!  sis gave a try at tha carriage and she is good at it.  Yep!  Looks like I got me sum help with tha taxi service.  Oh! thats me and master ridin in tha back of the carriage while sis pulls us around.  Now that is one wirey little sister I got.

One draw back is that master says being a cow and all?  I cant have no property.  Well reckon thats ok since I is now part of a family even though it might be just a tad dysfunctional.  Ya see sister and master seem to enjoy pickin on ole moose.  Its ok though and I wuz feard they wuz gonna change ma name to cow or they wuz even thinking fat cow but fur now its still moose.  Oh its ok if they call me fat cow I reckon I do have sum rather large boobs.   And they aint no argue that im a little on tha heavy side.

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