Friday, April 2, 2010

Tha Moose's First Day Back

Oh my where do we start!  If you follow sunshine's blog (Gera)  you know Moose had a day with the girls.  She took them on a ride that almost killed them all and met a girl who was bigger than moose, sunshine, and butterfly together! 

Now here are some shots of moose's new digs!  She finally has a nice place to sit and fish!  Moose seems to be in, well, moose heaven now.

This is the picture of Moose, Butterfly, Sunshine, and Maam (aka yazee) at Mama Allpa.  Oh and the huge woman with the blue poka dot dress?  She was very strange.  She claimed to have used magic when asked how she arrived.  She was also much larger than our moose.

Moose is naked in these pictures  because when she wrecked the buggy in the water her clothes got wet and she had to dry them.  Now yazee seems to think Moose should go nude at all times.  Should our moose be naked? Hmm.

Later Moose took sunshine back across the water, in a boat this time,  to Glint where she somehow got stuck on the milking machine!  Nobody knew how the milker worked so they had to wait until our Moose's breasts were drained and the machine stopped automatically.

Poor Moose! So humiliating to be milked in public like she was a cow! 

Sir io was there along with sunshine to witness as Moose was milked telling her story of times she was milked before and forced to moo as others watched and laughed at her.  That would never happen to our Moose in Glint!  Would it?
Later in the day Moose met what she called a grrbunny.  She called her a grrbunny because she looked like a girl but had a bunny tail and ears.  Now at first Moose thought she was a lost playboy bunny but quickly found the girls bunny ears to be real and her breasts were clearly too small to be a playboy bunny!    The bunny kept trying to get Moose to eat grass but Moose never could figure out what she wanted.

Her friend sabi convinced our Moose to take part in a prank on her Master Chy.   Here is Moose and the girls with Master Chy in the pool.  Note that the master is fully clothed and sleepwalking.  ((afk))  No one is safe!

Later in the day after running away from an angry Master Chy.  Moose meditates.  My our Moose must be tired!  I am sure she will sleep like a baby tonite! 

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