Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moose Begins Her Journey Back To Glint

Moose hears that there are chores and "civil duties" to perform in Glint.  She packs for Glint but she needs some sort of transportation.

Here is Moose, still in BBWorld:
"Emm, Here i is at the junk yard what they got over here at tha bbworld.  Well, they got sum nice junk here.  Oh! tha reason I is here?  Well thats easy cuz i is here lookin fur lumber what I can build me a raft with.  Yep!  I is going back to Glint as soon as i get ma raft built and fasten a sail to her."

Moose finds materials for her raft.  Here is Moose as she is putting the raft in the water:

"Oh ma raft is done and i is about ta set sail.  Now I figure if I ken get ta gor from here I might be able to stowe away on that boat Sir Hammer is using ta get back and to frum Glint.  Any buddy know which direction Gor is in?"
Moose sits in the raft, waves, and sets sail but will she ever be able to find Glint again?
Moose sails for what seems a long time and she arrives at an island.  Tired and hungry, our moose secures her raft and gets out looking for food.  Now what Moose does not realize is she got off at a place called "help island"
Moose speaks:

"This here island dont look nothing like Glint!  Wonder where i is at?  Well i gonna just look ma self around and see what they is ta see"

"Well this is different.  Look at this here snapshot what I took?  Well its got this big round thing what sum buddy wuz draggin around tha island.  This here place is populated by people what they call new bees.  Not sure exactly where these here new bees is frum?  But they sure is doin sum funny things."

Moose continues her exploration and makes another discovery.  Very excited Moose speaks about it:

"Lookie at what I found!  I found me a free house!  Yep!  See tha sign what says free house?  Now tha problem is they aint room on ma raft fur this house so how is I gonna get it over yonder to Glint?  Reckon it floats?  Oh well, I guess I best be gettin sum vittles, supplies, snoozin, then be on ma way at day break.

Moose buys supplies, has a meal, then is on her way again sailing away in her raft the next morning.  She again travels for some time but there is trouble.  Our moose runs on the rocks and her raft sinks.  Moose, shaken up, is safe but soaked head to toe. 

"Oh my!  Ma raft is sank!  I is gonna have ta save what I ken and see if they is a place what has the stuff i is needin ta fix this here raft.  Well, emm, I guess I is spendin tha night here at this place what they call fearly.  Kinda gives me a spooky feelin staying in a place called fear but  its just a name right?

Moose drags her raft out of the water and up to a nearby beach house.  Our moose walks up to the door and knocks.

"Emm, Is any buddy home?  I is Moose and I is kinda shipwrecked here.  Ken sum buddy help me fix up ma raft so I ken be on ma way?  Oh and even better if ya could tell me how ta get to this place what they call Glint"
Are the homeowners home?  Will they help our Moose?


  1. Yay, Moosey is coming home*runs off to bake a cake for her return*

  2. Giving Moose a cake every day should be a civic duty of all inhabitants of Glint.

  3. Congratulations Moose, What an imagination you have :) It is rare that I am so entertained by reading someone's blog. Keep up the good work. You got another fan.

    Dr. Venn