Friday, March 12, 2010

Moose Makes Another Home In Glint

Emm, well how dee its me Moose?
Well I got me another place to stay now.  They got these shipping containers what they dont use because of the embarko?  Well I got me one and found some wood and sum crates and stuff and made me a nice little home over here behind tha beer dillo.  Yep!
And OH! I is helping out tha owner of tha castle what took tha place of ma spooky house.  Turns out its non other then Vi and her master.  They is gonna fix it up real nice.  They is really nice folks and is letting z build a place near by. 
I got me a bed and stove and even a nice desk ta write on.  They is a sittin place and well it aint as big as tha spooky house but its home fur now.  I am getting hungry and i am thinking of sum rabbit stew.  In fact they is a rabbit right there!  Hmm, If y'all will excuse me?  I gotta go rabbit huntin.

1 comment:

  1. we should so start a homecoming party or sumthin. Bring in stuff that the moose will love!