Sunday, March 28, 2010

Moose at BBWorld and Marie Loses her Clothes in Glint

It was a busy weekend for our Moose and for Marie.  Recall that Moose traveled to BBWorld at the same time that Marie, a voo doo witch from New Orleans arrived in Glint.
So far, Marie has been holding her cover as a traveler.  In fact it seems she may be enjoying herself as she did not protest too much when her clothes were taken by a Master named "Sir io".  She has been quietly using her magic and has found that there are others who practice  magic in the area.  While magic is outlawed in Glint, there are those who use it for entertainment rather than for attack.  Marie's power and that of the other magicians there are well beyond entertainment however.
Here is Moose with some details she has learned from BBWorld.  After we hear from her we will look in on Marie.
"Emm, how dee its me moose?  Well I is here at BBWorld lookin around ta see what they is ta see and I figured I would pass that on to you.  I found this nice dance place? and sum nice things ta do here just fur relaxin!  Yep.  They got this here beach club what has dancin on tha beach.  Looky here at tha snapshot i got"
"Here they got a nice bar what has drinks and sum bar dancin.  They aint got no powls so they aint no powl dancin here.  Now they do got this dance they call line dance where every buddy just lines up and kicks around like they is hoppin on one foot or sum thin.  Course they got couple dancin too fur cheek ta cheek snuggle dancin too.

Now i is gonna take ya to the place behind tha beach club where they got a nice place ta just fool around at.  Now here i is just foolin around buildin a sand castle what wuz fun to do.  Next I is gonna take ya to ma place what I is renting ta show ya another place ta be and relax."

"Now this here is ma duck pond?  It has ducks in it what swim around.  Now It would be fun ta just sit here and fish but they aint no fish in this here pond.  Now I suppose i could go through the motions of fishing and like pretend they is fish and I is catchin em but it would be more fun if they wuz real fish dont ya see? 
Now back at Glint behind ma spooky house they had this river  what had fish  I could catch and they wuz good fur eatin..  Course tha spooky house aint there no more but tha river is so I could still catch fish cuz Z lives there now and me and Z is friends what play around together and im sure he wouldn't mind me fishin near his house there.  Now that Z is an interestin feller?  He is kinda hunched over so they call him a hunchback but that aint nice cuz he can't help bein bent over like that.  He drools a lot but it aint nothing to wipe it off. 
Well thats it fur now here at tha BBWorld.  I miss tha folks at Glint sum thin awful but they aint no way to get back just yet.  Now I got there once so I ken get there again if I can remember how I done it."
Our Moose is obviously missing doing her "civil duties" at Glint.  Moose isnt the brightest bulb in the Christmas tree but she is determined.  Perhaps we should have another vote to let Moose know how we feel about her leaving Glint and if we want her back?

Ok now to Marie.  Marie arrived in Glint about the same time Moose left.  She is shown here in her current state naked.  She seems to have found some company from a group called the "Sisterhood" 

Now Marie is wearing a Mama Allpa hud which means she is fertile.  We remember Mama Allpa from Moose's account in an earlier blog.  The Hud provides the full experience of having a baby and only costs the modest price of the hud which is under 250 lindens.  Others will charge for examination and delivery however the Mama Allpa system has a one time fee for the hud.  Examinations and delivery of the baby are included in the hud price.  Mama allpa staff are dedicated and motivated by the desire to role play pregnancy and delivery rather than "cash in" on SL residents desire to have virtual babies.

Our "traveler" Marie seems to be quite curvy.  She is in the plump range and could be considered a bbw.  One master has already described her as "breeder material".

 Marie is educated and a bit more articulate than Moose.  Her curiosity however has already caused her trouble.  She was asking about the no panty law in Glint.  One does not question authority in Glint.

Marie is asking everyone if they have seen Master Hammer.  How does she know Hammer?  I dont think she  wants to meet him again as word is he will arrest her.   She may be safe because word is Hammer is visiting a place called Gor.  If only the trade winds would pick up!  As soon is the wind is strong enough Marie plans to sail off to her next destination.

As you recall in Moose's account above  she mentions building a sand castle.    Below Marie also builds a sand castle as a girl named "the villiage bike" watches.  By the way vb, as they call her, is also aquainted with our Moose and mentioned something about needing the taxi service back.  The villiage bike describes herself as a well behaved girl in fact the best behaved girl in all of Glint.  Marie says she is so innocent how can she be anything but well behaved.  Hmm, she obviously does NOT know our vb!

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  1. Dear Moose please come back to Glint. Can't you see that you are missed here?