Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Moose Investigates the Glint Laundry

How dee!  Its me! Moose?   Remember me?  I wuz showing ya around Glint before they took ma spooky house?  Well now I is gonna re zoom  ma tour what I started before.  Now things is changed since I started tha tour so they is lots ta show ya starting with this here lawn dee matt.  Yep!  they got a lawn dee matt right here in Glint!
One strange thing?  I is looking inside on tha first floor where they do they lawn dee but they is sum thin wrong!  Well if you lookie here you ken see they has tha lawn dee  fur tha men? 

 But over yonder on tha other side?  They got this sign what says females but they aint not one stitch of clothing no where ta be found! Now whut  you make of that?  Oh! oh! and they need ta take the trash out sum thin awful!  Lookie at tha garbage bags with flies all around tha place.

Now I just figured out sum thin!  Men is supposta take tha garbage out and they never put they lawn dee up so it figures that the women done came and put they lawn dee up and is waiting fur tha men ta come get theirs and to take tha trash out.  Yep!  Thats probably it, just waitin on tha men folk ta get they lawn dee, put it up and take tha trash out just like back home.
Now they is more to this place upstairs.  I found this stairs leading up and went up there ta find they got sum desks and books and stuff.  Not sure what its fur but tha desk chairs is nice and comfy.
Well thats tha lawn dee matt.  Y'all cum back fur more Glint places what they see.

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  1. Dear Moose, did you look inside the trash bags? My shorts and my tank top are in there. First I didn't want to throw them away but then Ma'am persuaded me that I was a better off without them.