Friday, March 26, 2010

Moose Explores BBWorld

Our Moose has started to explore bbworld.  She found a rodeo!  Now here is our Moose riding a bull.  She did quite well in the rodeo setting new records!
Moose has met some new people at bbw.  In case you are not familiar with the term bbw, it means big beautiful women.   Moose also tried some dancing on the pole at a near by biker bar.  I suppose the seated gentleman was entertained however he seems rather quiet and not looking at our Moose's performance.

Lets see what Moose has to say about her adventures in her own words:

"Emm, this here road e oh is kinda fun."  laughs "Fortunately ma butt is well padded fur when i get bucked off this here bull tha shock of landin aint so bad.  Now mind tha horns though if you ever think of ridin one of these here bulls cuz they is kinda sharp and pointy lookin."
"I got ta dance on a powl?  Yep!  I got ta powl dance at this here bar what they call a biker bar but you know sum thin?  They weren't bike one nowhere!  Now I did seen this guy wut might be a biker but he didnt got no bike and i think them bikers wear leather jackets or sum thin?  Well he didnt have no jacket at all."
"They got a dance club too what i went to but they werent friendly like the folks back at Glint wuz."
Moose sighs.

Meanwhile back at Glint, Marie Laveau arrives to explore.   Are there other witches at Glint?  Marie arrives disguised as a "world traveler".  She has weapons similar to the others at Glint but she also has a large and dangerous arsenel of magic.

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  1. :: points to aaren then to chys :: :p

    i has plans for da moose. ;)