Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Moose Reports a Failed Suicide Attempt

((this is sick humor but sometimes sick humor amuses moose's typist))

Moose reports that she knows an unfortuate person who complains they never have any luck.  Moose speaks:
"Emm, well ma friend was havin a string of bad luck.  Nothing wuz workin out fur him.  He just couldnt seem ta do anythin right so he decided to end it all.

To be sure that he was successful in his suicide  he poured gasoline on himself, tied one end of a rope around his neck and the other to a tree.  He then swallowed poison , lit the gasoline, and ran off the cliff.
As he ran off tha cliff the fire burned through the rope so he fell into  the salt water below.  The water  put tha fire out.  As he thrashed about, he  swallowed salt water what caused him ta throw up tha poison.  All tha commotion alerted a fisherman near by what rescued him from tha water."
Moose ponders
"Now frum this here experience?  I would have to say that luck wuz kinda related to ya point of view!  God duz love ya and sum times luck is a blessin even when it seems like a curse.  You has that choice of finding tha bright side of things or looking fur tha dark side.  Seems they is more folks around what will help ya find tha dark side.  Wuts up with that? "

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  1. actually i think imma copy and paste that to give to my mama