Thursday, March 25, 2010

Moose Displaced Again

Once again our Moose's home is taken.  She returns to find her home gone and this structure in its place.  Our moose laments:

"Well I is homeless again.  I fixed me up this nice place what is gone now so I reckon I get the message.  I gotta make ma home sum place else where I ken  build me my own place what no buddy ken take."
Our moose once again packs her suitcase but this time is able to slip on board a ship and makes it to a place called bbworld.  She builds there.a rather large and confortable home but she misses Glint.

"Emm I got me this land at bbworld what i put a house on?  Well its really nice and i aint gonna have ta worry about no buddy taking it frum me as long as i ken pay tha rent ya know?  But I already kinda miss tha folks over at Glint but at least i got me a place ta lay ma head down."
Moose sighs looks out at the surf and listens to the rythum of the ocean,  then goes to her comfy bed and lays down for a nap.

Is Moose's Dark Den adventure over?  What will happen next to our Moose?  Stay tuned as Moose discovers bbworld.


  1. cara just be evil. we gonna put you on nay...whatever its called....

  2. Nooo! Moose can not leave Glint. What would the Dark Den be without our Moose?

  3. now this house is so nto moose - we need maybe to install a "moose rescue fund"? or something?