Monday, February 1, 2010

The Comfy Spa Over To Tha Spooky House

Like i was a telling ya? This here spooky house is just in need of sum tlc. Why look at this nice spa they got in tha place.

You can really relax and enjoy the shower, steam, bubbles, and cozy fire here at tha spooky house spa. I tried it out as you ken see and I tell you what, its really comfy! Just tha thing after a long day being tha Glint taxi and generating power fur that nice folks here. Now tomorrow im gonna show ya around the parlor where they got a nice sittin area and cozy fireplace ta roast marshmellows and such but fur now im a gonna just soak ma weary bones in this here spa. Its nice to have some quiet time alone though sometimes i do have a feeling im not alone here but i am sure thats just cuz of tha wind and all. Cum back ta see me fur sum more of the finer things in Glint life.

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