Thursday, February 25, 2010

Playin Pool Over To Tha New Security Place

Well how dee again its me, moose?
Emm, I went over to tha security place again ta show ya tha swell pool table they got.  Now ta answer ya question fore you ask it yes ma boobs do get in tha way a little.
Ok here ya go with me playin a game of 8 ball.  One thing they could use is a bar wtth this here pool table cuz well ya need a bar with a pool table ya know.

I guess having a bar where they got tha courthouse is not all that common but this here is Glint and anything ken happen here!

Yep all they need now is a bar and sum of them wall mounted beds what  they got over to tha beer dillo.  OH!  now thats an idea!  They should get one of these here pool tables over to tha beer dillo!  Yep!  Well i gotta go now but more later as i do some more snoopin.  Bye fur now.

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