Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fully Recovered Moose Now Continues Her Tour of Glint

Emm, well its nice to be back on ma feet again after my recoverin from tha wounds i got from tha back shootin varmint.  I am now continuing with a tour of Glint.  In this tour I show ya parts of Glint they dont show ya on tha regular tours.  No no!  I show you the inside of Glint.  The under belly of Glint.  Yep!
Now here we is at the Glint Administration Building.  Here they got the office of the presidente.  Out side they office they got a balcony with a nice view of glint.  Now they is some other stuff they might just not want ya to know about.  What am i talkin about?  Well Im talking about a trunk full of cash money!  Yep thats what I talking  about.  Just looky here what Im gonna show ya.

Now here is a nice view of Glint from tha balcony outside of the presidente's office.  This gives you a good view of tha square and you ken almost see tha gatherin spot if they wasn't them houses in tha way.
This was taken on a pretty day as you ken see without a cloud in  tha sky.
But look at what ole Moose found inside one of them rooms over to tha Administration building?  Why a trunk full of money Here I am sittin beside it as you ken see.
Now funny thing is they got at least two safes in this here building but didn't put none of this here money in one of em.  NO! They got this trunk of cash just sittin her pretty as ya please WIDE open and unguarded!
Well needless ta say I didn't touch none of that cash cuz I don't wanna get in trouble; but they better lock this stuff up and hide it from them bush whackers what shot me cuz they ain't got no respect fur nobody.  Nope them low life scum bags would take all this loot fur themselves.  Hehe good thing ole Moose got all that pirate treasure,  from that ship over yonder,  hidden!  No buddy gonna find where ole Moose put that there gold, nope, no buddy.

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