Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Glint Justice, The Courtroom

OK, now here is tha courthouse where justice is dealt out to them what break tha law. Now dont worry we give every buddy a fair trial before we chain em to a powl and punish em.
You might be wonderin why they aint no jury box? Well i kinda wonder that too but ,frankly, im afraid to ask. Now one thing about not having a jury is you dont get no damn jury summons which is kinda nice. I always hated getting a jury summons and havin to go downtown to tha courthouse and stand in line waiting then never getting picked. So not having a jury is a good thing right?
Oh another thing? they aint got no lawyers. I heard the last one they had met an untimley demise and is six feet under so not available fur consultation in this world unless you happen to have espn or is psychotic.
Beside me here in tha picture is the sittin area fur us Glint folk to see justice served. Behind me is the defendant's emm seat? Well maybe not a seat, more like the defendant's chainin powls.
In front of that defendant's chainin powls is the bench where his honor tha judge sits or one of the presidentes when they doing their official judge stuff.
Oh and Lacey is the court reporter. She is good at writing and takes notes all tha time. Not sure where she keeps her pen and pad as i havent seen no pockets on her no where but thats another story.
Now y'all be good or you might just get arrested by Sir Hammer and brought here ta this here room to be given your fair trial. Oh another thing? If they give you a trial date? Well better take it cuz I heard they was booked up on fair trials through 2020 or sum such date.

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