Monday, February 1, 2010

Relaxin at Tha Spooky House Parlor

Now here I am at tha spooky house where I been stayin? And let me tell you it has a lot of creature comforts like this parlor with tha cozy fire and sittin couch. You ken just kick back and enjoy tha warmth of tha fire.
Now that nonsense about being haunted? Well they aint no such things as ghosts. No no its just tha wind and maybe sum glare from tha windows dont ya see?
They also got this other cozy fire place and a nice little day bed for snoozin. I am sure glad I found this place and didn't fall fur tha hype that it was haunted cuz it just aint so, nope, I aint seen ghost one here.
One thing they could use? They could use a back door so I ken go out to tha river out back yonder way. I do like to fish now and then and have a hankerin for sum fish ta eat.
Now cum back ta see me for more of ma tour of Glint. Better yet, cum visit me here at Glint in Dark Den.

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