Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Moose Investigates The New Security Complex

Emm, hello there.  Well I got back in ta second life as you ken see and I heard they wuz this new building going on over to Glint so I did some snoopin and found the prison, security building, and all wuz gone and they had this new place up and running.  I found tha court room and took a picture fur you to see and also I want ta tell ya they forgot ta put up any of them wall mounted beds in there!   Now what they do have is a recreation room with a pool table and they got some places to get comfy too.
Well fur now let me show ya the court room what they got.  Its on tha second floor and is sorta of a open arraingement as opposed ta the old arraingement they had which wasnt open cuz it was in a room  what was closed, dont ya see?
Well as ya ken see here they got tha same bench and seats fur tha courtroom but still they aint got no jury box cuz they dont got no jury and dont need one.   Now another interesting touch they got?  They got a porch on this thing what you ken sit on and watch tha people comming and going around Glint.  They also got this here hammock?  Well you ken lay in it and take a snooze.  You know?  This hammock looks familiar!  I reckon it looks a lot like tha one on that there pirate ship I found.  Oh well, I mean, if you seen one hammock you seen em all right?
Well more later as I discover the new stuff here in Glint.
Oh! And i want ta thank tha two of ya what voted in tha powl cuz now I know what ta do about that support ticket ta Second Life!

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