Thursday, February 18, 2010


Well folks moose cannot get into sl anymore it seems.  She attempts to log in and gets "Sl cannot be accessed from this computer"

She sent an email to and is awaiting the response.

Was tha moose banned?  Why?  More as the story unfolds.
The time is 9 pm sl time 2/18/2010 sl time

Day 1:
The email address above which was provided with the message no longer works.  Moose had to submit a ticket through sl support system.  She has had bad luck with them in the past as she has a free account and when submitting a ticket to sl with a free account one must remember to use the "special question" option:
Moose remembered to submit the ticket with the "special question" option and now 11 hours later checks the status and finds the ticket is "in progress" which is much better than the "ticket closed because you are not a premium customer" response.  Moose received the following response from the Official Linden Lab Support Center:
Moose found article that states reasons for the message however pleads innocent to all charges. 
Thank you for contacting Linden Lab support.Your ticket has been escalated to the relevant department where they will deal your issue further. Your patience is greatly appreciated.  The Time is 6am 2/19/2010 sl time.

The time is 1 pm sl time in 2/19/2010 and Moose is still unable to access sl.  She is beginning to suffer from withdrawls however nothing serious as yet.   Moose is looking to a long weekend without her virtual life! 
"I is innocent!  I didnt do nuthin but say hey ta a few folks over to the dark den and at bbworld.  I think this here is a conspircy cuz i made a political statment tha other day!"

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