Thursday, September 2, 2010

Moose Investigates The Kidnapping of Cara

Emm, How Dee!  Its me, Moose?

Well i done me sum investigatin on this here kidnappin of Presidente Cara.  Here is a list of tha suspects whut i got.

Suspect 1:  Missy Cara might get off on tha idea of bein nakee in a cell

Suspect 2:  Missy Alley cuz she is jealous of Missy Cara, YEP!  Now that Missy Ava ain't presidente no more she can't get away stuff.  Nope!  She gotta answer to Presidente Cara so I reckon that kinda ticks her off. 

Suspect 3 and 4: Seabreeze and Defiant:  If Missy Seabreeze and Mister Defiant wuz wanting to be together they might want to get Presidente Cara out of the way.

Suspect 5.  Slutling tha demon is suspect cuz she is kinda sweet on Defiant too and might be jealous of  Cara's hold on him.

Suspect 6.  Robin cuz she could get away with it on account of she is cute.

Suspects 7, 8, and 9 would be in this order:  Village Bike, Cookie, Argent which is the three top trouble makers in all of PRG.

Suspect 10.  Tha Hammer but i think he is more interested in the kidnappin and torture of one Alley Cat.

Suspects 11.  Goreans cuz they is no good varmints anyway

Suspects 12   Aliens frum mars what framed Missy Seabreeze and Mister Defiant.  They drugged missy seabreeze and stuffed her in one of them Alien Suites they got fur Halloween.


  1. yeah!
    them too!
    Emm but do it matter? I mean Missy Gera done confessed but I gonna include them as suspects next time you is captured, Yep! Thats what i gona do!